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Who can contribute?

Curtin University staff, students and affiliates of Curtin can contribute their research output to espace.

What are the benefits of contributing to espace?

  • Enhance visibility and research impact: espace can enhance the value and impact of your research by making it freely accessible and more visible through Google, Google Scholar, Trove and OAIster, with the potential to increase citations.
  • Long-term storage and access: espace preserves your research output in a secure, stable digital environment, with persistent links that can be used in your online profiles.
  • Compliance with funder mandates: espace enables you to comply with open access policies of funding bodies – including the Australian Research Council (ARC) and the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) – to deposit research output into an open access institutional repository.
  • Usage statistics: espace provides usage statistics for material in the repository.
  • Handle identifier: all records are assigned a handle identifier, enabling persistent linking and altmetrics tracking.

How do I submit research output to espace?

Research output

  • Complete the espace Institutional Repository Agreement (once only).
  • Ensure your publications are included in the University’s Research Management System, Elements, managed by the Research Office at Curtin (ROC). For assistance, please contact:
  • Supply the accepted version of your publications to the espace team.
  • Metadata for research publications entered in Elements will be automatically harvested into espace.

If you wish to contribute material that falls outside the scope of Elements please contact the espace team.

Higher Degree by Research Theses

Postgraduate students should submit their thesis through the espace Thesis Submission page.

You can find a checklist outlining the steps from submitting your thesis for examination through to approval for graduation at thesis examination and submission checklist.

What publications can I deposit?

Types of publications deposited into espace include:

      • Journal articles
      • Peer-reviewed Conference papers
      • Books and Book chapters
      • Reports
      • Working papers
      • Creative works

Which version of the work should I deposit?

Publisher policy and terms in your publishing agreement will determine which version should be deposited. Library staff will always check publisher permissions and enable an appropriate level of access.

Generally, publishers allow deposit of the author’s accepted manuscript of a publication into an institutional repository.

Submitting research output via espace
Icons created by Creative Stall and Anton Noskov from the Noun Project

If you have published under a Creative Commons licence, or have paid a fee to the publisher to enable open access in a subscription journal, the Library will make the published version available in espace.

How do I comply with the ARC and NHMRC open access policies?

The ARC and NHMRC policies require publications arising from funded research be made publicly available via the Chief Investigator’s Institutional Repository. Publications must be deposited in espace within 12 months from the date of publication.

Please refer to the Open Access and espace LibGuide for more information, or contact for further assistance.

Can a publication that has been published elsewhere be included in espace?

This depends on whether the publisher’s policy permits deposit into an institutional repository. Library staff will check publisher policies on your behalf to ensure deposit into espace is permitted. If a policy is unclear, staff will seek permission from a publisher to include the publication in espace.

Authors can use the Sherpa/Romeo website to check publisher policies for journal articles or refer to their publishing agreement signed with the publisher.

The full text is included in espace only if:

  • The author retains the copyright for the publication and allows it to be included in espace; or
  • the publishing agreement between the publisher and the author allows for deposit into an institutional repository; or
  • permission to deposit the paper in espace has been granted by the publisher on request; or
  • the author has published in an open access journal.

Comprehensive information about copyright is available on the Copyright at Curtin website.

What if the material deposited contains third-party copyright-protected graphics or images?

As part of the publication process, authors should have obtained permission to re-use materials in which the copyright is held by a third party.

The espace Institutional Repository Agreement includes a declaration stating that authors have obtained copyright clearance for the publications they contribute.

For thesis authors, students are asked to make a declaration in their Submission of Digital Thesis form stating that they have obtained copyright clearance for any third-party material included in their thesis. For Copyright information for thesis authors, refer to the Copyright at Curtin website.

How do I have copyrighted material removed from espace?

If you believe a publication is available on espace in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, or a breach of an agreed licence or contract, please contact with the following details:

  • the URL of the material
  • a description of the material that you believe is an infringement or breach
  • the owner of the content, and your relationship to them if you are not the owner
  • your contact details, including postal address and telephone number

The Library will investigate the alleged infringement and take appropriate action.


If you have questions about any aspect of the espace repository, please contact