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Reading Lists

Why Reading Lists?

Reading Lists is a new service offered by the Library, closely integrated with Blackboard and the Library’s Management System, Reading Lists will allow you to create and curate your learning resources, manage your copyright obligations and discover new ways to interact with your students.

The Library’s Reading Lists Service assists teaching staff to make available educational resources to students. These resources may include book chapters, journal articles, video, web content and much more.

Reading Lists will enable students to access electronic resources anytime, anywhere. Internal students will benefit from Reading Lists, as well as being highly advantageous for diverse student groups such as off-campus, offshore and OUA students.

Reading Lists makes library resources more discoverable. It has a dynamic new user interface with new functionality such as social communication tools, making this service a new generation tool in the provision of wide ranging essential and recommended resources to students.

How can the Library help?

The Library will purchase and digitise your required resources ensuring that all your required resources are available to your students.

Our digitisation service will ensure students are provided with high quality scanned chapters and articles.

We will manage your copyright requirements for you.

The Library will let you know that all your resources have been made available. When completed, simply publish your list when you are ready.

For information on making Reading Lists please see the Where do I start? webpage.

For Library assistance, phone +61 8 9266 7572 or email

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