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Students & staff with disabilities

Services for students and staff with a disability are individually tailored to assist with access to Library materials and equipment. They may include:

  • sending items to you at home by courier.
  • photocopying sections of Library items for you.

You can return borrowed items by mail free of charge.

First you need to register with an AccessAbility Advisor at AccessAbility Services.

When registered with the Library you will receive a letter of introduction detailing your access. If you have any questions please contact

All loaned materials should be returned on or before the due date. However, if you encounter difficulties in returning material because of illness, incapacity or special circumstances beyond your control, inform the Library Specialised Delivery team by email or by phone 08 9266 7799. Please see Renewing an Item for renewal information.

For students with a vision disability, print material can sometimes be obtained in a format more suitable for your needs. Contact an AccessAbility Advisor at AccessAbility Services with these requests.

To help you get items that lecturers have listed as required reading for courses, wherever possible the Library places full-text electronic copies of them in Reading Lists. You can access these through Blackboard; there is no need to borrow them.

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