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High Demand items

The High Demand collection provides Curtin students with items selected by lecturers as required reading for courses.

How do I borrow?

You can use the High Demand resources in the High Demand area. If you wish to use them anywhere outside the High Demand area, including the rest of the Library, you will need to borrow them.

You can borrow a maximum of two items for up to four hours at a time. Please note there are larger fines applicable for overdue High Demand items.

Always check your Borrower Information or the My Library tab in OASIS to find out when your items are due to be returned and avoid fines.

How do I return?

High Demand items can be returned via the Self-loan machine in the High Demand area.

Booking High Demand Items

You cannot book High Demand items held at Robertson Library. However, you can book High Demand items at Kalgoorlie Library by contacting staff.

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