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Booking DVD material for lectures

DVDs may be booked by teaching staff to screen in lectures for teaching purposes only. DVDs should be linked to a Reading List and located in the High Demand collection, otherwise we cannot guarantee that it will be available when required and it will not be available to book. Bookings can be placed both through the Library Catalogue or Reading Lists. Bookings should be placed three hours in advance of the time the booking is required.

You will need to log-in to the Library Catalogue or Reading Lists to access this service.

  • Locate the item in the Library Catalogue or in the Reading List.
  • Click on the item record to open the citation page.
  • In the Availability section, click on link of the item to be able to directly view record for the High Demand item.
  • Click the Request link to open the Booking form.
  • If you cannot see the Request link, please email staff at to have this corrected (items must be linked to a Reading List and located in High Demand).
  • The Pickup Location will default to the campus where the item is held. These items cannot be transferred between campuses.
  • The Check Availability link will allow you to see if the item is available for booking.

Now you are required to provide information on the Start and End Times for the booking. A start date and time, and an end date and end time are required.

  • Fill in the Start date and the End date. Click Request.
  • Correct the Start time to be in the future. If the booking is not for the current day, correct the Start Date to the time you want to start your booking.
  • Add the End time in accordance with your needs.
  • After checking all information on the screen is correct, click Request.

You can also view and cancel your booking requests later from the My Borrower Information section under Requests in the Library Catalogue.

If the item isn’t already held in our collection, we will purchase it for you. This can be requested via your Reading Lists.

At the time nominated for your booking, we will notify you when the item is ready to collect. The item will be available from the Request Shelves of the High Demand area. If someone else is to collect the item on your behalf, delete the current booking and book under the name of the staff member who will collect the item. These items can be loaned via the Self Service loan machine located in the High Demand area.

Please note we cannot guarantee bookings on short notice if the item is out on loan or is not located in the High Demand collection.

Please email if you need further assistance.