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The Library now automatically renews loans on resources that are not high use or requested by someone else. Therefore you should not incur fines for this type of loan. You can view the due dates for any item you have borrowed by checking your Borrower Information.

You may be fined if you do not return high use Library items, resources requested by someone else by their due date or items that have been borrowed from another library on your behalf.

Recalled items$4.00 per item per day
Overdue High Demand items$2.00 per item per hour or part thereof until the item is returned
Laptops$2.00 per item per hour or part thereof until the item is returned
Document delivery items$4.00 per item per day

Why does the Library impose fines?

Fines are a way of ensuring fair and equitable sharing of Library resources to Curtin students and staff. They aim to improve access to material, especially core/reading list items.

Overdue fines

If you have overdue fines of $20.00 or more you will be suspended from borrowing until this is paid in full. If fines of $20.00 or more are not paid by the end of semester, you will be sanctioned. This means you will not be able to obtain your exam results or graduate.

Library items that are 42 days overdue are assumed lost and an account is issued to cover the replacement cost of the item, overdue fines that have accumulated, plus an administrative fee of $15.00. If the item is returned, the replacement cost is waived, however all other charges remain. Replacement costs for lost or damaged material must be paid in full.

Replacement Costs will not be refunded if the item is returned after the account is paid. In exceptional circumstances, an appeal may be accepted. Please enquire if you need more details.

You may also be fined as a disciplinary measure for bringing inappropriate food and drink into the library and for inappropriate noise and behaviour.

How do I avoid fines?

Check your Library notifications

All Curtin students receive Library notifications via the Official Communications Channel (OCC) of their OASIS account and/or their student email. Curtin staff and other Library borrowers will receive Library notifications via email. You must check Library communications regularly (at least once every week), and keep your contact details updated.

Check your Borrower Information

You can do this through the Library Catalogue or through the My Library tab in OASIS. This will help you keep track of the items you have on loan and when they are due back. You need a Curtin ID and password to access your Borrower Information. Information about your Curtin ID and password.

Fines owing on material already returned will display via the Fines tab on your Borrower Information page. Fines accruing on overdue items not yet returned will display in your Current Loans.

Keep the University informed of address changes

Change your address details using the e-student tab in Oasis. Non-receipt of Library notifications does not relieve the borrower from any of the above penalties.

Never ignore a Library notification

If you believe the details on the notification to be incorrect, contact staff at your nearest Curtin Library immediately.

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