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Appealing fines & loans

Returned, never borrowed, stolen or lost item on loan

If you believe that you have already returned, have never borrowed, or have lost a Library item that is still listed as on loan to you, please complete the Claims Form, providing as many details as possible. A Library staff member will be in contact with the outcome of your claim.

Stolen items

Library items that have been stolen whilst in your possession need to have a claim submitted. For items stolen on campus, report the incident to security on +618 9266 4444. For items stolen outside campus, lodge a police report.

If you are unable to return your Library items on time due to illness or other circumstances, or you anticipate difficulty paying your fines, email or speak to staff on Robertson Library level 2. You may need supporting documentation such as a medical certificate.

Submitting a claim

Before submitting a Claims Form, look for the items again. Check carefully:

  • at home,
  • amongst your books or on your bookcases (some titles may be the same or similar),
  • in bags or boxes,
  • in desks, study or work locations,
  • in your car,
  • with friends, family, students or colleagues, and
  • with other libraries you use, such as public libraries or other university libraries.

If you find the items, contact the Library as soon as possible.

Please note

  • If the item is overdue before the Claims Form is submitted, you are responsible for overdue fines up to the day the form is submitted.
  • If you find the item after submitting a Claims Form, you are responsible for overdue fines to a maximum of $57 per item, even if you have already paid for the item.
  • If the item is not found, in accordance with Library Rules, you are responsible for its replacement.

The Library’s responsibilities

  • We will search the Library and other campus libraries for the item.
  • Items claimed as lost will be searched for once. If the items is not found, a replacement cost account will be issued.
  • Items claimed as returned, never borrowed or stolen will be searched for four times over a four week period. If the item is not found, options for replacement of the item will be emailed to you. Failure to respond will result in a replacement cost account being issued.
  • Please note: Exceptional circumstances refunds are not provided for Lost Accounts that have been paid.

By submitting a Claims Form, you are accepting your responsibilities and obligations. If you have any queries about this information email or call +61 (08) 9266 7166.