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  • Vice Chancellor’s Excellence Award, Excellence in Service (winners)
    Science and Engineering Faculty Librarians – Linden Hall & Jenny Copestake
  • Curtin Library Innovation Initiative (winners)
    Miah De Francesch & Tracy Piper
    Awarded for their idea of ‘Library Pop-ups’.


  • ALIA West FA Sharr Award (winner)
    Claire Murphy
    Awarded to a Western Australian librarian, teacher librarian or library technician within their first three years following graduation, who exhibits the most potential to make a significant contribution to the library profession in WA.
  • Curtin Library Innovation Initiative (winner)
    Matthew Robinson
    Awarded for his idea of ‘Geolocating Photographs in the JCPML Archives’


  • Curtin Library Innovation Initiative (winners)
    Marie Clarke, Sara Culverhouse, Drew Fordham, Perri Jackson & Daniel Piczak
    Awarded for their idea of ‘Library Mascot’.
  • ATEM Best Practice Awards – LH Martin Award for Excellence in Leadership (winner)
    Catherine Clark
    Awarded for strong and sustained leadership in the Library sector, but also more broadly across the institution.


  • Curtin Library Innovation Initiative (winners)
    Teresa Bennett, Mieke Boers, Joanne Comerford, Jenny Copestake, Linden Hall, Adele MacDonald, James Ward & Jill Watson
    Awarded for their idea of ‘Faculty INreach’.
  • Curtin Research Support Award (winners)
    Diana Blackwood, Marilyn Coen, Jenny Copestake, Kitty Delaney, Linden Hall & Jaya Ralph
    Awarded for their work supporting and enabling research activity at Curtin University.
  • Curtin Library Innovation Initiative (winners)
    Judith Bridge, Stuart McDonald, Heather McLenaghan & Claire Murphy 
    Awarded for their idea of a ‘Click and Collect’ system.


  • Library Board of WA Award for Excellence
    Jo Comerford, Michelle Gradisen, Rowena Holland, & Karen Miller
    Awarded for Curtin Library’s game based learning activities and sessions for the 2014 AHEAD program.
  • Vice Chancellor’s Excellence Awards for Professional Staff (winners)
    Adam Brown, Matthias Liffers, Elizabeth Manassah, Colin Meikle & Salim Twalib
  • Curtin Library Innovation Initiative (winners)
    Karen Miller & Matthew Robinson
    Awarded for their idea of Digital Storytelling and Library Tours.


  • VALA Award
    Awarded for the development of the Curtin Library App, which made the most innovative use of information and/or communication technologies to improve service to customers.
  • Curtin Library Innovation Initiative (winners)
    Karen Miller
    Awarded for her idea of a Curtin Library Orientation Game.
  • Your Voice: Curtin staff survey
    Best response rate.
  • Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning
    The Learning Centre Team
    The Learning Centre & the International Sponsored Students Unit for Australia Award Scholar Support (holistic cultural transition and academic study skills development).


  • Library Board of WA Award for Excellence
    Kurt Blackwell, Peter Green, David Lewis, Colin Meikle, Daniel Piczak, Matthew Robinson & Michael Wiebrands
    Awarded for the virtual bookshelf technology which Curtin Library has made freely and openly accessible to national and international libraries.


  • Curtin Library Innovation Initiative (winners)
    Rowena Holland & Matthew Robinson
    Awarded for their idea of a mobile app for context-sensitive services.


  • CAUL International Travelling Fellowship
    Julie Clift
    Julie visited the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga to investigate the ability of next generation library systems to streamline the Library’s workflow as it moves to acquiring more electronic resources.
  • Vice Chancellor’s Award for Excellence (finalists)
    Jackie Hanlon, Catherine New, Karen Miller & Karen Rickman
    For enhancing the student experience.
  • Curtin Library Innovation Initiative (winners)
    Matthew Robinson
    Awarded for his idea to introduce Library Twitter notices.