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Reading and note making

How to read effectively and efficiently; finding the relevant parts for your assignment requirements; how to organise your findings into useful notes.


How to structure your written assignment, but more importantly learning the process of completing an academic written assignment

Study Skills

Effective ways of applying yourself to your studies by finding what works best for you to study and learn

Microsoft Office

The basics of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, plus tips and tricks to help students get the most out of the software.


For students wanting to learn how to use the statistical software SPSS for data analysis.


For students wanting to learn how to use the qualitative data analysis software NVivo.


For students wanting an introduction to statistics; from descriptive statistics to testing for normality and inferential statistics.

Better Maths

For students wanting a refresher on, or to learn for the first time, key numerical skills; from BIMDAS, rounding, fractions and percentages to algebra and exponents and logarithms.