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Adding items to Reserve & e-Reserve

Submitting books/AV to the print Reserve collection

You can submit requests for books and AV items to go into Reserve for your units by email to or in person at the Enquiries Desk on level two of Robertson Library.

If you are submitting items for print Reserve please be sure to include author, title and edition details for the book. Please also include your name, the unit name and unit number for which the item is being submitted. Reserve staff will then make arrangements for these items to be added to the Reserve collection.

If the items are not already held within the Library collection we will purchase these items for you (this may take some time so the sooner you let us know the sooner the items will be available for your students).

If you only want one chapter of a book you can arrange to have this put in e-Reserve.

Submitting e-Reserve documents

If the material is held within the Curtin University Library collections, use our online form to submit requests for print or online materials to be included in Reserve. Alternatively you can email your submission It is not necessary to supply the hard copies of material in this instance as we will obtain and process the material for you.

Be sure to include author, title of chapter/article, volume number (where applicable), year and month (where applicable) and source information (name of book/journal and if taken from a database, please include name of database).

Please include your name unit name and unit number to which the articles being supplied relate.

Reserve staff will then make arrangements for these documents to be added to e-Reserve.

The vendors of most scholarly databases provided by the Library do not permit scanning or downloading of articles for the purposes of e-Reserve and therefore they should not be emailed to Reserve staff. The only databases that can be used in e-Reserve are Emerald, ProQuest, Wiley InterScience, JSTOR, Factiva and ScienceDirect. Please provide us with the bibliographic details of the items that you require in e-Reserve. If the material is not held within the Curtin University Library collections, these will need to be supplied to us in a hard copy.


Booking audiovisual materials

Films, DVDs, videos and other AV materials may be booked to screen in your lectures. You need to submit your request either through our online form or by email to, or in person at the Enquiries Desk on level two of Robertson library before the start of semester.  The item you require will be held in the Library’s Reserve collection.

If you need an item to screen at short notice (that is you have not told us before the start of semester) we will attempt to accommodate your request but will need a minimum of five working days to process your request.  We can not guarantee the item will be available as it may be out on loan etc.

Your request should include the author, title and publication date of the item, as well as your name, the unit name and unit number of the lecture. Please also include the dates that the item will be screened (we recommend that you book the item for two days either side of the screening date).

If the item is not already held within the Library collection we will purchase it for you, and if it is not likely to arrive in time for the screening date we will attempt to obtain it for you from another library. However we cannot guarantee that other libraries will be able to loan items in accordance with the specific screening dates requested.

Once we receive your request we will notify you when the item is in Reserve and the date you will need to loan the item. You will need to come the Reserve Enquiries Desk on level two of Robertson library at the time that we have indicated, we will provide no further reminders. If someone else is to collect the item on your behalf, please let us know in your request.

Supplying documents for multiple units

If you teach two (or more) units and the same article or chapter is to be used by students of multiple units, please advise us of the name and number of all the units. Reserve staff will then ensure that the document is listed in e-Reserve for all the necessary units.


Copyright & license compliance

All documents supplied to Curtin University Library for e-Reserve must comply with the terms of the University’s Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) license. Reserve staff will advise you if there are copyright problems with any items you submit.

In general you may include for each unit in e-Reserve one article from an issue of a journal or one paper from a conference whose proceedings are published regularly. You may include one chapter or 10% of a book (whichever is greater), or one paper from a once-only conference, provided no part of the book or proceedings has already been included in e-Reserve or other Curtin website.

In some circumstances you may be able to include more e.g. from anthologies, journal issues on the same topic, unpublished works, works no longer commercially available etc. For advice, consult Reserve staff.

If you or Curtin University hold the copyright to any document you are supplying for e-Reserve, indicate this on the document or in your accompanying email.

Copyright conditions for using articles from scholarly databases

Full-text articles from scholarly databases are generally covered by contract provisions rather than Australian copyright legislation. You must NOT download or scan articles from these databases to supply them for e-Reserve. Instead provide us with the citation of the article and Reserve staff will make arrangements for the article to be placed on e-Reserve.

Linking to e-Reserve from Blackboard & webpages

To link to an e-Reserve document, use:” followed by the document’s DC number. To correctly identify the link required, you will need to access your list of readings from the Catalogue.

In each article listing, click on Full record, then right click on Full text (Curtin University Library e-Reserve database) and select Copy shortcut. You will then be able to paste the link as required. To link to your specific unit in the Reserve Catalogue use: where 1234 is your unit number.

To link to the Reserve Catalogue use:

To link to the main page of the Library Catalogue use:

This will take students to the Curtin University Library’s Catalogue’s Welcome screen, where they will need to select Reserve Collection then input either their lecturer’s name, unit title or unit number (e.g. 05698) to retrieve a list of all Reserve items for that unit/lecturer.


Although documents for e-Reserve can be accepted at any time, at busy times of year it is necessary to allow time for staff to process the many documents being submitted. Reserve staff will contact you at the end of each semester to confirm whether you wish to withdraw or retain e-Reserve documents for your units. If you wish to withdraw or replace a document during semester, contact Reserve staff.