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Find It FAQ

What is Find It?

Find It is a linking system which allows you to link directly from a citation in a database to online items available through Curtin. Find It also provides links to the Curtin library catalogue and other services, including web searches and our Document Delivery Service.

When will I be offered Find It?

You will be offered Find It in the library catalogue under the Find It tab

The Find It logo may also appear when using individual databases which can be accessed from the library web pages.

If Find It is available you will see the following logo:
next to your citation. Please note: the logo may appear in either the brief or detailed view of the citation

A Find It menu will also be offered when you use Article Find It or Find e-Journal.

How do I use Find It?

Clicking on the Find It logo
or the Find It tab will open the Find It menu:

Find It Menu

The menu offers options available for the requested article at Curtin. For example, in the menu above you can click on the Full text online link to access your online article from either Business Source Premier, Proquest ABI/INFORM Global or Factiva.

You can also click on Search Curtin Library Catalogue to see if the journal is held in print, or select Download record into Endnote.

You may also 'Click here for more options' at the bottom of the menu for other services such as Document Delivery Service


Who can use Find It?

Curtin staff and students can use Find It and it is available both on and off campus. You may be asked to sign in using your Curtin ID and password. Refer to Curtin ID & Password Information for more details.

I'm in a database but  I don't see any Find It logos?

You might be using a database that does not link to Find It or you may be in a database where you have to click on the full record to see the logo.

Why don't I see any Find It @ Curtin Links on Google Scholar?

Find It links have been available from Google Scholar for some time now but you may be unaware that in order to see these links, off campus users must (1) be authenticated or (2) set up preferences in Google Scholar.

(1) Authentication: The simplest way you can do this is to access Google Scholar through the Curtin library catalogue,or the Databases A-Z.


(2) Setting up preferences

  1. In Google Scholar click on Scholar Preferences, enter Curtin in the library Links box
  2. Click on Find Library and when Curtin University of Technology (Find It @ Curtin) appears, tick the box alongside it
  3. Save preferences.
  4. Once this is done our Find It links will be seen.

Why didn't I get a link to my article?

It is possible that there is no online version available for your journal through the Curtin University Library. You will only be offered the option to link to the article if the Curtin University Library has access to the online version.

If Find It does not provide you with a link to your article try using the other services offered on the menu including a search of the Curtin library catalogue.

Why is there more than one option for online access to some journals?

There is overlap among our many electronic journal collections and online databases, so sometimes you will find that the journal is available online in more than one place.


When I clicked on Find It why did I get to the journal's homepage and not to my article?

Find It tries to get you as close to the article as it can. Often because of the structure of the publisher's website Find It cannot link directly. Sometimes the best Find It can do is to take you to the table of contents or the journal's home page, and you have to navigate the publisher's site to find the article.

What do I do when I get a "bad URL" or "Error 404", or some other "not found" message?

If the item you are seeking is very recent, it is possible it has not been loaded on the website, so Find It cannot retrieve it. You can try searching for your item again directly on the website but unfortunately you may have to wait for the publisher to add the full text to their site.

Another problem could be that the Find It links need to be updated. Please let us know about any problems you may have so that we can try and fix them.

Error messages when linking to supplements, dual or combined volumes/issues and special issues.

Find It cannot always correctly interpret supplementary or combined numbers. For example, you may have details for a specific article in a journal supplement which includes a start page of `3S’. However, when trying to link to fulltext using this data you may receive an error message. Try entering the journal citation data into Article Find It, but omit the start page from the menu and try again. You should then be offered the journal and from here you can link through to the correct article.
Similar errors result from combined numbers (eg 3/4) where 2 journal volumes/issues have been released together. For combined volumes/issues try entering only the first number.
Generally, whenever you get such error messages we recommend you use Article Find It and gradually eliminate details from the data fields to check if the journal is in fact available.

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