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Curtin University

Computing hardware and software FAQs

Availability of hardware and software varies between campus libraries. The information below applies to the Robertson Library at the Bentley campus. See Robertson floorplan for locations of facilities.

At other campuses, contact your Campus Library to find out what hardware and software is available.

Is there a CD-writer available in the library?

Yes, most library computers have a CD writer.

Can I use my USB in the library computers?

Yes, USB devices can be used in the library computers. However, the devices can only be connected by using the port at the front of the computer. Some USBs have a short connector so you may wish to use a USB cable.

Where can I send a fax?

There are no fax facilities in the library. But you can send a fax from The Spot, in the Guild courtyard, next to Centrelink.

Can I use email in the library?

Yes, from any computer workstation. All computers are for academic use as per Curtin University’s ICT policy. Express computers are available on Levels 2 and 3 and we suggest you use these terminals if you want to quickly check your email.

Can I use my handheld computer in the library?

Yes, but if you wish to access the internet via your handheld computer, it needs to be WPA compatible. For more information see the Wireless Network webpage. You can also print from your laptop computer.

Can I access my Student Drive from the library?

Yes, you can access your student I: drive from "My Computer" on any networked PC in the library. 

Is SPSS (statistics) Software available in the library?

Yes, on all computer workstations (except the catalogue-only terminals).

How do I activate my Oasis account?

Instructions for activating your account are available from Oasis.

What do I do if I am having problems connecting to library resources?

If a blank screen appears, or the page is not loading properly, press the reload or refresh button on your browser. Alternatively, you may need to restart your browser.

'Pop-up Blockers' may also interfere with the functioning of some websites. These can usually be switched off in your browser toolbar.

Often, problems are intermittent in nature. If problems persist, please let us know.