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Curtin University

Specialised equipment

Students using specialist equipment

This equipment is available from the Robertson Library:

Audio-visual equipment

There is an AV room on level four which provides access to televisions, VHS (video), DVD equipment, a CD and tape deck, slide projector and computers.

Light table

This is in the AV area located on level four. It is primarily used for viewing slides, however, it can be used to view negatives and to help in tracing drawings.

Microform and slides reader/printer/scanner

This is in the AV area located on level four. It can be used for microfilm, microfiche and slides. Documents can be saved to a USB or printed out. 


There are headphones available in the AV area on level four for use with the audio-visual equipment provided.

There are no headphones available for loan at Robertson Library. 

Please see the Robertson Library floorplan for the AV area location.